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Friday, May 27, 2016

LOD Specifications for Structural BIM Processes: Defining Model Elements and Content Requirements

LOD Specifications for Structural BIMThe key benefit of BIM is that it allows structural engineers to share the digital model of a structure with the contractors and fabricators. It also brings the engineers and their design teams closer and enables them introduce improved collaboration and coordination.
However, it is very important for engineers to develop the models with high level of clarity and reliability for various stages of structural design, fabrication and development. Here, Level of development specifications comes into picture.
Today, structural engineering contract scopes are well defined due to the introduction of level of development specifications. All structural models are not detailed to a certain specific LOD. For example, it cannot be said that a structural model is LOD 300, or LOD 400.
A structural 3D model is a mix of various levels of development for various components:
  • The columns and beams for a structural model can be developed for LOD 300, while other constructible components and elements that require higher amount of detailing, can be at a higher LOD such as 350 or 400.
  • Level of development ranges from 100 to 500, and structural engineers need to decide, exactly which level of development they require for all components.
  • Structural engineers can simply reference the structural information for LOD 100 by writing a short narrative.
  • Hence the vocabulary of the structure gets defined. At LOD 200, the objects, assemblies and other generic systems are shown with approximate quantities, dimensions, shape orientation and location.
  • As the specified level of development reaches LOD 500, the models are populated with non geometric information and this information.
However, this information is typically useful for facility owners and managers – i.e. after the building is ready to be occupied.
Structural engineers typically require LOD anywhere between 300, 350 and 400.
  • At LOD 300, details regarding the exact dimension, location and orientation – appropriate for permanent sets of permit drawings are populated.
  • At LOD 350, model elements contain information for cross trade coordination, and construction layout. These models contain details that are typically included in construction drawings. These are full fabrication models, and they bring clarity to the design and construction process.
  • With LOD 400 specification, higher level fabrication models are prepared with complete detailing, fabrication, assembly and installation information.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Steel Structures Crumpling In The Course Of Construction: Overcoming Issues via Effective Engineering

When an engineer decides to build a structure, the first thing in his mind is the production planning and erection of steel structures along with fabrication and erection of structural steelwork. The ultimate aim of an engineer is always to design a cost-effective structure that meets the code and functions in a manner that meets the requirement of the owner.

However, it is also of prime importance to ensure safety of the residents of the building once it is completed. There are different risks associated with the construction procedure encompassing erection of the steel frame, capability of any temporary structures to upkeep everyday operation, and the steadiness of any structures on site.

There are different instances which have occurred in the past like the Union Carbide building in Toronto, Husky Stadium in Washington, and the Big Blue Crane collapses at Miller Park in Milwaukee which showcase the failure of stability of steel structures during construction.

An engineer’s job is to make sure that the building constructed is resistant to human or natural accidents for a long time. It is very significant for engineers to make sure that they are taking into consideration the design loads and codes while designing the building. This will make sure that the safety of the residents is ensured when they start relocating in the building after completion.

Major deterrents for engineers, and overcoming them via effective project handling

Structure magazine ran a campaign and researched for buildings which had collapsed due to structural issues during construction between the years 1990 and 2008 and had resulted into moralities and wounds. There were 96 occurrences reported out of which 60 were of those steel structures that had different types of steel structures irrespective of being temporary or permanent.

Another instance is of way back in the year 1986 when the UW Husky’s stadium was being extended. The collapse might have been evaded if the wires were not cut out of order during the annihilation of the roof structure.

As mentioned earlier, Union Carbide building collapse which occurred in the year 1958 which was not 100% preventable due to the unavoidable circumstances, but if the construction would have been done with addition of concrete spandrel beams tactically with the rest of the structure this collapse could have been avoided. In another instance, Mother Nature gave an indication of something might not happen right which was the case of Big Blue Crane at Miller Park.

There were multiple issues some natural and some man-made which could have been evaded if there was additional supervision. We all know that construction is a very costly affair and getting the project done swiftly can mean that you are using cheaper material to get the task done quickly. This can prove very costly as there is lot of risk involved with it and the amount of money that can be saved cannot be evaluated in terms of the lives of men and women that work on the construction facilities daily.

Causes of Failure:

It is very difficult to blame anyone in case of failure of construction. But there is often more than one cause of a collapse. In the instance of Big Blue Crane collapse, it was a blend of wind loads, rough ground and pendulum gesture of the hoisted land. The Union Carbide Building collapsed due to weather and utilization of inadequate provisional bracing.

It has often been observed that structural engineers are hardly consulted when it comes to approaches to construction till the time things go haywire. After which it is very difficult for an engineer to ensure that they do not repeat the same mistake in future. But it often assists in cases where you can ask the engineer to have exact specifications related to a structure’s construction.

Thorough Analysis to Gauge Causes of Failure and Effective Engineering

Using CAE capabilities can also be helpful in gauging the full effect of various parameters that can affect a buildings structure. A complete analysis and design optimization can help detect and eliminate any possibilities of threat to occupants.

According to ACCE (2000) guidelines, The Constructor must have the comprehension of the influence of the design disciplines’ procedures. The constructor must be able to express themselves to the design professionals and should have the knack of contributing during the planning stage of design-build projects.

It is very significant for the structural engineers to take into consideration various codes and regulations before designing the construction. There are different codes encompassing ASCE 7 which ensures the time to determine the loads the building will be intended for.

ASCE 37 is an extended version of ASCE which encompasses design loads on structures all through the construction process. But ASCE 37 also raises various issues, which is the basic reason why, it is not integrated in classrooms till date. But if a structural engineer has rudimentary information, pertaining to ASCE 37 some of the instances of accidents can be eradicated.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

How to Create Structure Design for Residential Buildings?

Building contractors regularly need to deal with structure design for residential buildings. Do you know nowadays most of the work is done with software programs, increasing accuracy and minimizing the time taken?

Friday, February 7, 2014

How BIM Promotes Easy Interoperability within Construction Organizations?

One thing that makes construction of a building more difficult is that different members of the project work individually. Thus, the construction team may have an engineer, steel fabricator, precast manufacturer, architect, details, general contractor, and of course, the owner, all focusing on their own work, which often leads to coordination problems.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What are the Important Considerations for Structural Steel Fabrication Cost Estimation?

Structural steel fabrication cost estimation is an important consideration in the design process.
The selection of structural steel frame material should be based on accurate project specific costing, and it is a challenge for the cost consultant to identify and reconcile the fluctuations in structural steel prices in relation to the returned tender price data.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Residential Structural Engineering Services - Quality with Affordability

Outsource structural drafting, is a leading residential structural engineering service provider company based in India.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Get Customized and Impressive Metal Stair Shop Drawings/Design at Outsource Structural Drafting

Outsource Structural Drafting is one of the premier structural design and drawing agencies offering highly Impressive Metal Stair Shop Drawings and designs to the esteemed clients.

(Image Source:-

With years of experience and proven expertise in the staircase industry, we constantly strive to invent and implement innovative staircase design ideas, so as to add strength and elegance to our client’s structural projects.

Our competent team of fabricators and contractors can develop fully customized metal stair shop drawing, as per your specific needs and preferences. Our shop drawings are fully detailed, which ensures the clients of the accurate fabrication and installation, and thereby better coordination with the whole structural project. 

"At Outsource Structural Drafting, we make use of the advanced computer aided design tools in order to design the staircase and railings."

We Develop The Following Types of Metal Stair Shop Drawing and Designs:
  • Straight staircases
  • Spiral or curved staircases
  • Deck staircases designs
  • DNA helical shaped staircases
By making use of the innovative functionality of the computer aided design tools and the steel detailing software tools, we create fully ergonomic stairs and handrail assemblies.

Clients can get access to the designs in various tread types and in different types of connection patterns between the stringers and treads such as the welded or bolted connections.

Among other customization options, we offer our clients with the opportunity to choose among the different types of cage types, different types of ladder exit types, multiple choices of wall connections such as sections, plates and folded plates; choices of the number of rungs and the distance between the rungs etc.

The Software Tools That We Utilize Include the Following:
  • AutoCAD
  • Advance Steel
  • Tekla Structure
  • Revit Architecture
Outsource Structural Drafting has experience in developing the metal stair shop drawing for different types of structural settings such as the residential buildings, commercial office spaces, malls, auditoriums, schools, universities and medical centers etc.

Clients can get access to the shop drawings in any of their desired digital formats such as DWG, DXF, DWF, Revit files, TIFF, JPEG and the PDF files etc.

We Offer The Following Benefits to The Clients Through Our Metal Stair Shop Drawing Services:
  • Access to drawings with the detailed connections and dimensional details
  • Easy modifications of the drawings at any stage of the project
  • Fast delivery of the shop drawings
  • Assured cost-effectiveness of the projects